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Fruiti Jiggle-uti - Edible Artistic Illusions


Looking for a healthful and deliciously light dessert? Fruiti Jiggle-uti is 100% edible and is a great alternative to rich, higher caloric desserts. Fruiti Jiggle-uti is a unique way to enjoy a healthy and delicious dessert that is not only tasty, but also amazingly beautiful! Carefully hand crafted, each floral illusion is skillfully and artistically submerged into a clear gelatin emulsion. This  makes for a tasty dessert that's not only stunningly beautiful, but deliciously digestible as well. Each distinctive piece is individually created without the use of molds, ensuring that, as in nature, no two flowers are exactly alike. Fruity Jiggle-uti is gluten free AND can be adapted to sugar-free and/or lactose-free lifestyles.

9132 E Sweetwater Dr. Inverness, FL 34450